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A story can take different shapes, and yet it's still a story

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Here is mine...

I have a background in journalism, content creation, and production across multiple mediums, including print, radio, broadcast TV, and digital video.


Not only did this tenure help cultivate a lifelong passion for storytelling but also informed a way of tailoring products like columns, news wires or talk shows to an audience’s specific needs and habits, backed by an investigation that brings it all home with context.


As a designer, research and a great empathy towards the end user are key elements of my process to tell a new kind of story: solving a unique problem through the development of mobile products and features that are easy to use, visually striking, and create impact.

Now, how do I tell this new story?

These are my principles for a compelling outcome

Know that it’s always about ‘them’

Design with data

Make things as clear as day

Thrive in collaboration

[Diego's] creativity, work ethic, and output consistently exceeded everyone’s expectations. I realized how lucky I was to have someone like Diego on our team. He's in a league of his own.

Jesus Lara

President, Univision Audio/Uforia

Working with Diego was not only a breeze but a blast. His ability to produce with incredibly tight turnarounds, and his charismatic attitude made collaborating with him an absolute pleasure. 

Adrian Alonso

AV Production Manager, Netflix

Diego's work speaks for itself. He knows how to tell a story either by his own initiative or by following the project manager's direction. He adapts quickly to trends and workflow changes as they come. 

Viviana Di Marchi

Post Production Specialist

Do the stories end in my downtime?

Well, not exactly.


While I enjoy a swim, taking San Francisco snapshots and exploring local restaurants, I do have a passion project that deals with telling stories. It’s a music history podcast called CHOONS that covers the legacy of underrated club anthems. 

I developed it during the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic when I recognized a need from music lovers regarding their emotional connection with songs they're fond of. It’s a project that has brought me joy, an international community, and surprisingly, a Webby honor in 2022.

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